Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Stained Glass Inset at Xubi House

Stained Glass Inset at Xubi House

False Reflection in House at Creative Fantasies

False Reflection at Gurl6

False Reflection at Ballroom

Written 4 April, 2007


No, not that kind of reflection!

The optical kind.

What, you thought you’d catch me in a pensive mood?

Never happen.



There’s a rumor that the First Look client (which, I suppose, is the one we’re all using now) has the capability of making rudimentary reflections of objects.

I don’t know how to make that happen.

When my house was being built, the beautiful stained glass that comprised part of the ceiling of the first story and part of the floor of the second story seemed to create reflections, but on further examination it proved to be simply a view of objects on the other side of the glass. Identically-shaped door openings and furniture elements gave the illusion of a reflection.

Some Second Life designers are using just such a look through the glass to create what seem to be reflections.

Perhaps the most striking example is at this ballroom, in which an entire upside-down mirror image of a huge ballroom exists below the dance floor.

Another example can be found at Gurl6.

How cool it will be when we can have real mirrors in Second Life!

Although we’ll never get anything done for looking at our pretty avatars!

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Anonymous said...

Use the "shiny" tag in the object editor.

- Peter Stindberg