Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No Drama

No Drama

Did Oxford Manage to Civilize Dakota? Don't Bet on it!

Pele is a Peaceful Place

4 April, 2007

No Drama

Dakota here.

You won’t believe what I’m wearing!

No, not the Vag t-shirt.

Or that other one.

I just decided to astonish everyone and so when I came out of the bathroom I was wearing my prettiest blonde hairdo and a ball gown with such a swishy prim skirt I don’t see how in the world I’m going to fit through the door of the Airbus.

And I told them no way I’m buying a second seat just for my skirt. The unfortunate who has to sit with me is just going to have to disappear into it for the duration of the flight.

All the boys in the waiting area are vying for that honor.


It’s far too soon to come back, but Oxford made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. Chey doesn’t know it yet, but I told them I wasn’t going anywhere unless they threw in an honorary doctorate.

Henry Kissinger wasn’t using his, so they gave it to me. It’s in my carry-on; I didn’t want to risk putting it in the checked luggage, not after all the hassle in Heathrow. I’m certain my suitcase is on a flight to Katmandu or Lagos.


I expect there will be a confrontation upon my return to Pele.

Because boyfriend hangs out there. And brings all his girlfriends there.

Pele is my home, and Cheyenne’s home, and Sweetie’s home, and Cheyenne pays $100 US a month for it. We shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in our own home!

I expect I would go nutso and burn down the Dragon Skybar or something if I saw BF dancing with one of his paramours there.

I almost said bimbo, but I know for a fact that Milky is a nice girl. I can’t vouch for the others, although Chey tells me one of them was certainly a sex alt.

Recent rez date, no payment info, no groups, no photo, no profile info, no first life info, no ratings, av more polished looking than rez date would suggest, hitting big time on BF the first time she seems him, and oh yes, she just happens to be from his home state, but not until he has already told her which one it was, what do YOU think?

Oh. Chey tells me the insurance policy has lapsed, so no, I won’t be burning down the Dragon.

I know Chey and Sweetie were uncomfortable last night when BF brought one of his new flames back to the Dragon after a Bill and Pam Havercamp concert. Sweetie got so incensed she put on her clothes and jumped to wherever they went to after they left the Dragon, but thought better of it and came back to bed. That got Chey upset.

And I’m upset.

So we’re all upset.

Chey has a sign up at the Dragon Skybar. It reads “No Drama.”

And it has been nothing but drama since BF started dating. (He claims they’re not dates, but c’mon!)

There can be no more drama at Pele.

So as soon as the plane lands in Phoenix and I can get home and on my PC, I’m going to ask BF, for the good of everyone involved-- including, and maybe especially, himself-- to find another place to live.

I’m afraid if I don’t, Chey will tell him he needs to go.

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Anonymous said...

I am "boyfriend", but my name is Axel. I am the one who was spending time with Dakota, an alternate avatar of Chey's. I considered the realtionship to be 'safe', because Chey has a genuine SL relationship with Xubi. And I am not seeking a partner, or serious relationship in SL. I believed for the longest time that we were just hanging out and dancing, flirting a little too much at times. Did I get too involved and start to have feelings for Dakota? Unfortunately, yes I did. But through it all, there were never any suggestions or ideas to cross that line that both of us new existed.
The BF/GF cohabitation thing was, I thought, just a joke. A way for me to pay some rent and start help pay Chey's tier fees. Even when Dakota found me slow dancing with Milky and got pissed, I thought it was an act. I soon found out how wrong I was.
I am truly sorry for the 'drama' and hurt feelings that came out of this. To know that someone should cry over this, well it is unimaginable to me. I was sorry Dakota had to go, and I was hurting for a couple of days, but I really missed her because we had a lot of fun. I have been asked to leave Pele, which I most certainly will do. I have caused enough problems.
As for my bringing a "date", call her what you will, to Skybar after the concert, I was showing the Skybay off. Chey's creations are amazing and Skybar is a place to have fun. Afterwards we went to my "dates" friend's house so she could show me a farm, another amazing creation. I will miss Pele. I will miss Chey, and I will certainly miss Dakota. But it is her place and I repect that. There will be no more trouble from me.
Finally, my apologies to Milky, who got in the middle of this through no fault of her own.