Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sweetie's Gone!

Bits 'N' Bobs' New Line of Stainless Steel Pose Balls
Written 25 April, 2007

Oh, no, not like that! We talked for two hours last night and 45 minutes this morning. But Sweetie is gone. Gone from the grid.

Sweetie's Gone!

The House of 1000 Pleasures sits vacant.

Pele is unhappy. She dropped a boulder on me yesterday. Pumice, so it didn't hurt much, but still!

Sweetie's connection at home is via aT3 wireless network she picks up, with permission, from a merchant.

Said merchant's router burned out more than a week ago, so Sweetie has been unable to get on line from her house.

Two weeks ago Sweetie's laptop went into the shop, where it is in one of those nether world situations. As in better get another computer, honey, because we don't know when and if we'll ever get around to looking at this one.

So she's can't get online away from the grid, either.

It's killing her.

I miss my Sweetie.

We talk on the phone daily, but I would SO like to get her in Resolutions I, II, and III!

A fortune! A fortune in pose balls, just rusting away!

Gad, we may have to put them in the shop. Maybe just not the same shop that has her computer.

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