Friday, April 27, 2007


Written 26 April, 2007


Now that I own more than half the Forsaken sim, I’m facing a whopping tier. I could sell some of the land, but god knows who I would get for neighbors—the Dutch sex club is looking for a home, the people with the sex dolls may want to expand (sex dolls everywhere! could be their motto), and Kitra or The Mothership guy might want to return.

It might be smarter to keep the land.

And so, I’m happy to announce that I am preparing some properties on Forsaken for rental.

Of course, Pele, with all her delights, will be at your doorstep: the volcano, pools and streams, the gardens, the rail system and teleporters (I call them the Pele People Movers, no offense to non-human avs), the East Beach recreation area, and the Dragon Skybar.

The first is a 5k lot on which I have placed an absolutely gorgeous tiki house from JC Designs. It is absolutely stunning. The house sits near the Eastern edge of the sim, facing west, with fabulous views of the setting sun and Pele. There’s water access and a beach for swimming, sunbathing, or boating.

The second rental is another tiki house, this one on stilts, which sits on the northern shore. It sits on a 2k lot.

I’ve several absolutely stunning little multilevel tiki cottages as well.

Over the next few days I’ll be landscaping and extending the rail line. I’ll work with any renter to make the property to their liking. I’ll also be furnishing the houses in styles appropriate to the design of the houses. I’ll be happy to help renters with decorating, if they choose to decorate themselves— help with everything from wall art to pose balls.

I’m not out to be a greedy landlady, so the sim will be roomy and beautiful (just visit Pele if you want to see my work). I’ll be charging rent appropriate for the size of the lot and the number of prims; I’m currently researching rental prices.

Gentle reader, if you want a quiet, beautiful, luxurious home in a peaceful R-rated tropical paradise (well, peaceful when Pele isn’t exploding), just IM Cheyenne Palisades, and we’ll talk.

Photos follow.

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Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Thank you, Cheyenne.

Signed, Satisfied Customer