Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dakota's Blogging

Dakota in a Rare Pensive Moment

Written 2 April, 2007

Dakota’s Blogging

I’ve given sporadic thought to creating a separate blog for Dakota Burns, my alternate avatar, but as she is played openly—that is, everyone knows it’s really me—I think it best to let her post here when she feels the need to say something. She will always identity herself as the speaker.

Dakota’s origins lie far back in this blog, so I’ll revisit them briefly.

I rezzed Dakota one day in December when I was unable to log on as Cheyenne. It was something about an inventory issue. I had a meeting to attend, and so I created and rezzed her and had her IM one of Cheyenne’s friends—Patrice, it was— and ask for a landmark to Pele.

Perhaps it was because I chose a goth girl appearance for Dakota in the initial setup, or perhaps it was because of that Vagitarian t-shirt Patrice gave her, but Dakota was her own person almost from the start.

On her first outing, Dakota visited the dragon Breath of G8d, who was completely taken in by her feigned fear, even though Cheyenne had said to her, “I made an alt today. Want to see her?” only minutes before.

Then I found out how to run simultaneous instances of the SL client. Dakota was useful as the sacrificial virgin to the volcano goddess Pele; it made for amusing role play.

And then, when people started hanging out at the Dragon Skybar, Dakota would come—usually when I was online as Cheyenne, and occasionally on her own.

And she just solidified as a person.

Dakota has her own style, her own personality, and, small as it may be, a life separate and distinct from Cheyenne’s. I like to give Dakota her freedom, and Sweetie has said she is fine with that-- but there’s an understanding between us (between Cheyenne and Dakota, that is; Sweetie has set no such absolute limitation, but we won’t take advantage of that tacit permission) that Dakota will not engage in any sexual acts. She may dance or flirt, but the boundary Dakota and I decided on is to keep her off sexual pose balls—and of course she will never talk explicitly in Chat or IM.

And of course, everyone with whom Dakota associates knows she is really me and knows I’m in a committed and monogamous relationship with my Sweetie.

So no problem, right?

Read on.

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