Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dakota Returns

You Can't See Her, But Dakota is Fourth in Line
All Hell is About to Break Loose!

Written 4 April, 2007

Dakota Returns

Cheyenne here.

I feel I have to make it clear if it's me when Dakota is the subject of my blog.


I hadn’t figured on an early graduation.

It seems Dakota wasn’t a good fit at Oxford.

She was far too brilliant for said staid institution.

While she was at Oxford she read every book in the Bodlian Library and published a half-dozen papers in professional journals, so she now has a pretty good education. And because she had one of her professors up on charges of sexual harassment, they’re sending her home after only half a semester with a M.A. degree and hoping she doesn’t decide to come back for the Ph.D.

Dakota is at Heathrow as I write this, wrangling with the airport security personnel who are insisting she change out of her “F*** It” t-shirt and into something more “appropriate.”

Like, I suppose, the Vagitarian T.

That’s our Dakota!

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