Friday, March 30, 2007

Aldo Zond

Written 29 March, 2007

Aldo Zond

Time and past time to blog about Aldo Zond, a friend since my earliest days in Second Life.

I met Aldo at the Wingo Trivia Lounge, where we would dominate the play and Aldo would complain bitterly about the U.S. bias of the questions. He’s from the U.K, which means, I think, Ukraine.


Oopsie! Sweetie just told me it means United Kingdom. That’s in the Middle East.


No, that the United Arab Emirates. The U.K. is, it turns out, what’s left of the British Empire. It consists of about 500 old Lee-Enfield Rifles and the Falkland Islands.

Ok, ok, enough fun. Aldo lives in England.

Aldo was a big help when I first moved to Pele. He came out and gave me a parcel radio changer and showed me how to work the video on the land.

And I went out once or twice and visited him at his Sky High Club.

Then we sort of lost touch with one another.

But that changed about a month ago, and we’ve been talking a lot and laughing together. He says, having read my blog front to back, that I’m mad, which I take as the finest sort of compliment.

Aldo’s a bang-up scripter and a generous soul. He has helped me out on numerous occasions, giving me a script to make doors for the Xubi house, a play dead script which lets me lie “sacrificed” in the lava, and a ball called “suicide switch” which allows me to cast myself into the lava, screaming all the while. He’s also given me a nice loop sound for the Pele eruption and the class notes and objects from a class in water effects and a high-low gambling machine I put up in the Dragon Skybar.

Most recently, Aldo gave me a dress he made in a clothing class. It’s an absolutely gorgeous prim outfit I wore all day day-before-yesterday. An astounding first effort!

And he’s teaching me to curse in British.

I love learning foreign languages.

Aldo is a lot of fun to hang with, but I fear I keep him up far too late at night.

My brother Mordecai Scaggs, steam-punk aficianado that he is, has been working on a steam-powered gyrocopter. This poses a bit of a scripting challenge, since there is a motor-driven propeller at the rear and a free-wheeling rotor overhead—not to mention the steam. Aldo has fixed Mordecai’s gyrocopter up; he’s that good.

I really like Aldo, although it bugs me a little he said he doesn’t consider me a girly girl. Maybe that’s because I build volcanoes and curse like a sailor, but I always have a dab of perfume behind my ear and the most gossamer underthings. Ever since he said that I’ve tried to be a model of femininity, even to the point of wearing a tutu once.

It seems silly to wear a tutu once

Much better to wear a tutu two times.

Maybe it’s the swearing. Aldo says he’s going to fine me $25L every time I do it.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Also.

I mean Aldo.

He hates it when I do that.


Aldo Zond said...

Hey Chey, come on you should know where the UK is. It's that american aircraft carrier permanently stationed off the coast of europe. Lol.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Oh, THAT one!

Yeah, Tony Blair really fell for the Iraq = 911 thing, didn't he?