Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Parcel Crazy

Written 23 April, 2007

Parcel Crazy

You know how it is in Second Life. You always need just a few more prims. If you could just manage to acquire that parcel on the corner everything would be all right. You would have more prims than you would know what to do with.

Why, your prim problems would be over forever!

What fools we mortals be!

I thought the original 4096 parcel containing Pele’s summit would provide more than enough prims.

Then prims ran low and I thought, you know, if I could just pick up Mothership Guy’s land, I would be set for life.

And I acquired it and named it East Beach, and wouldn’t you know, prims ran low.

That’s why I began to plot and scheme about Kitra’s parcel (now the Pele Gardens).

And when those prims ran low Dodgeguy Woodward was kind enough to give me first refusal on his property across the Forsaken River. When he moved, I didn't refuse it.

And when prims ran low again (and because I need the land for my railroading schemes, Damian Marseille was kind enough to sell me the plot of land I wanted.

This weekend, though, I went parcel crazy.

Damian hasn’t been around much of late, and I thought it would just be a matter of time before he put his multiple parcels up for sale. So I IMed him and told him I was interested in up to 5K of his land.

He said he would give me first right of refusal, but preferred to sell the land all at once.

I talked to one of my neighbors and she said she would buy half of his parcels.

We didn’t shake hands on it or anything, but it was a definite verbal agreement.

And so I IMed Damian and told him all of his land would sell and he put all of his parcels up for sale.

Then I IMed my friend and she came out with her boyfriend and looked at the land.

And told me they had decided not to buy any of Damian’s land because it didn’t quite touch theirs.

I know exactly why she changed her mind, and I will be blogging about it.

But it left me with a promise to keep—and so I bought far more land than I had planned on—a 5k property, two 3k properties, and two 2k properties.

I sold a 3k seafront lot to my neighbor Nikolas for the same price for which I had bought it, not realizing I would have to pay tier even though I held it for only five minutes (the land was set to me to buy and Nik couldn’t purchase it. Fortunately, Dreamland didn’t hold me to it (thanks, Carcinia!). And Nik would have paid the tier for me, anyay.

So, know anyone who wants to buy 2k or 5k in Dreamland? Beautiful tropical setting, sand, sun, and waves, and a volcano that hasn’t killed anyone lately.


Photos: Pending, as SL is closed for maintenance.


nb: I'm glad they don't close Earth for maintenance. OTH, maybe that's why it's so darn run down.

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