Saturday, December 1, 2007

Working on Inventory

Hey, I never promised you this blog would always be glamorous! Sometimes it’s about doing the boring, hard work!

Written 28 November, 2007

Whittling Away At My Inventory (Again)

Last spring I realized that having an inventory with more than 15,000 items wasn’t a good thing.

And so I got to work and whittled that number down to 9000.

Good work! Whatever did you do, Chey? Glad you asked.

I threw away my precious free items. Gone, collection of free houses! Deleted, freebie skins! Zapped, assorted demos! Trashed, 1000 free gestures. Boxed, 5000 free sofas.

I went on a hunt-and-destroy mission for notecards and landmarks packaged with products.

I threw or gave away items for which I had no use—outfits I didn’t like and ugly shoes that came with outfits I did like.

I put rarely-used things back in boxes.

And I searched for duplicates of copyable items and zapped them.

Then I put all my textures and photos in the wonderful K&R Engineering organizers, leaving only a few dozen of my favorites in inventory (nowadays, when I need a texture or a photo, I rez an organizer, grab what I need and use it, and then re-erase it from inventory. It works flawlessly.

I put a lot of rarely-used landmarks in notecards, organized by category: clothes, hair, gadgets, home furnishings, sex toys, plants.

Oops! Did I say sex toys? I didn’t mean to say sex toys. I have no sex toys!

And I put notecards within notecards within notecards, stashing notecards and landmarks, leaving only a couple of dozen important or frequently-used notecards in my inventory.

About a week after I did that I had a scare when I couldn’t open the embedded cards—but a note that came with a new version of the Mystitool said when that happens to the Mystitool Manual, you can just drag the embedded cards to inventory, and that has, to date, worked.

My inventory recently passed 11,000 again, and I’m once again on an inventory hunt. I’ve whittled it back down a bit.

I figure I’ve tied up close to a thousand items with inventory to go into servers; when I finish setting them up I’ll park the photos into my K&R organizers and the items themselves into boxes for safekeeping, and I should once again be below 10k.

I hope.

P.S. It’s possible to park transferrable items with an alt. I’m thinking of donating a portion of my inventory to Dakota—specifically, clothes and shoes I rarely wear. She’s grumbling about it, claiming she’s online so rarely these days she hasn’t even had a chance to unpack her new Mystitool, but I know she’ll do it.

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