Saturday, December 29, 2007

Name that Maker! The Inspect Feature (Level 2)

Pie Menu

Torley Linden's Customized SL Watermelon Pie Menu. Your pie menu won't look like this unless you're very good.


This is a shameless plug for our Tweaktocracy blog.

Ever seen an amazing object, on or off an avi, that you just had to have? Well, there's a neat hidden feature in your pie menu that lets you find the maker of any object, even if it's attached to an avatar (think hair, shoes, accessories or body parts). That feature is called INSPECT.

The pie menu is the circular semi-transparent menu you get when you right click on any avatar or object in Second Life. ( Mac Fans: right click = apple key (cmd) + click ) Yeah, that’s right. Looks familiar, doesn't it. The pie menu does not, alas, offer you endless fruity deserts, but it holds a variety of delicious everyday features.

If you look down at the bottom slice of pie, leaving behind the normal SIT, IM, ADD FRIEND, TOUCH,, and EDIT commands, you'lll see the word MORE>. Whohoo, loookee here, Page 2 and still more options, including a tweaker's favorite TAKE COPY. ;) But soldier on and click MORE> again and you will find INSPECT.

Inspect will reveal to you, as far as SL in it’s quasi-omnipotence is able to determine, the entire lineage of an object by showing you the creator's name of every prim.

So now you know who made the object. Even better; INSPECT will let you click on the profile of the creator and IM them or look in their PICKS to see the location of any stores they own. :) You can teleport directly from Picks to their store to buy the item you admired or take a landmark adn return later. Eitehr way, you're an SL Inspector first class and sure to amaze yoru friends.

Inspect. Most handy.


Practice Location: Try a mall in the Vctorian sims of Caledon, where you'll find lots of goods to click on and avatars with many attachements. We recommend Caledon SteamSkyCity.

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