Sunday, December 30, 2007

Alt Shopping

 Written 30 December, 2007

Alt Shopping

No, not another form of shopping!

Or well, yeah, maybe.

Today I went shopping with a close female friend. As a male.

She. Not me, was doing the male thing.

My friend had read on my blog that Sweetie had bought mens' shoes and hats and while were IMing this morning she confided to me that she has long had a male alt. That surprised me, but oh, well, Second Life is Second Life. I asked her to rez him for me, and she did, and he was the most pitiful newbie looking male I had ever seen. I told her that if she was going to take him around AT ALL she HAD to get him outfitted.

She perked up at that, and before I knew it we were on a whirlwind tour of mens' skins shops. I went with her just because it's exciting to trick out a new avi.

I won't reveal my friend's name or his final appearance, but here we are as he tried on various male skins and shapes.

It freaked him a bit when I pulled on a male shape and skin and stipped off my top. Hehehe.

Soo, my new friend is now tricked out with tribal tattoos and is off on his own. What a wild ride!


Corgi said...

Which shops did you go to? I almost recognise the backgrounds, but I'd rather be sure. :) I know a boy needing outfitting soon, y'see....


Cheyenne Palisades said...

Corgi, Stry Stanley's Emporium of Bodily Splendour, Port Babbage and especially Gaslights Emporium, Port Babbagge. Will endeavor to do a post with SLURLs.