Saturday, December 29, 2007

Old Crates

Written 29 December, 2007

Old Crates

My old barrels seem to be popular on SL Exchange, so I had a thought: why not make an old crate.

I mean, how hard could it to to make a crate? Four sides. Top. Bottom. Done.

But I tend to get carried away.

I did make a simple one-prim crate which I think I'll set for sale on SLEX, but what I wound up with were eight pallets loaded with crates of fruits and vegetables with vintage artwork on the sides.

The ninth is a pallet from the Roaring 20s, complete with a crate with the top slid aside to reveal a cache of magnum-sized bottles of Dom Perignon, vintage 1916 and a half-orange on the top with a knife stuck through it. All Chey-built.

That's me in a roaring 20s outfit. You'll have to read the Flights of Fancy blog (I will be posting there later toniight) to see why I decided to become a flapper.

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