Friday, December 21, 2007

Leopard Coat and Boots

Written 21 December, 2001

Leopard Coat and Boots

While I was coat shopping last night I picked up this leopard coat at Zagoskin for only $125. I really like it.

I had a pair of leopard boots which I picked up at some I-will-not-disclose Spanish shop, but they blinged constantly and I wasn't able to turn them off either through chat or by removing the script and inserting a particle remover. They were transferrable, but I said fuck it and deleted them in a pique this morning and went shopping barefoot.

I was happy to find, through OnRez (the Nicholas viewer does not yet incorporate the new search, which is loads better than the old SL search) a pair of sculpted prim leopard boots made by Cosmic Connections.

Having been the victim of a bad OnRez boot purchase (the boots looked great on screen, but unstoppingly poofed flowers in world [no warning on the description] and had uppers made of flat prims in addition, more bought goods directly to trash), I grabbed Cosmic Connections' landmark and TPed there for the purchase. The boots were inexpensive at only $159  and look great.

SLURL for Cosmic Connections is:

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daf said...

so cool the boots is !