Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ambushing Peter

Written 21 December, 2007

Ambushing Peter

Today my new friend Ramotswe Nagy and I surprised her roommate and my SL brother, Peter Stindberg.

Peter, you see, has been scoping out a very nice winter coat at Plunder in the Maggiore sim (94, 131, 60). [A very interesting region, by the way, nicely steampunky.]

Back on task. Peter is the opposite of me. I buy on impulse, immediately and often to my eventual sorrow. Peter takes his time, investigating his potential purpose. He stalks it like a big game hunter stalks an elephant. And then, finally he buys.

When I was coat hunting, Peter told me about a nice coat. I kept a picture of it up for days on my browser, but eventually the window got closed.

When Ramo asked me a couple of days ago to what to get Peter for Christmas, that coat came to mind. I told her she should draw Peter out about it.

Today she reported she had been unsuccessful. "Let me try," I said.

IMed Peter and told him I was looking for a coat for Sweetie and was considering the one he had told me about, and he teleported me to the Plunder store.

We talked about the coat for a while, and then I bought it. I'm sure Peter was heartbroken, because he thought I had purchased it for Xubi, but I had other plans in mind. I had been busy in IMs with Ramo, and she teleported over and we gave the coat to Peter.

Avatars don't have facial expressions-- much-- but Peter was flabbergasted.

See Peter's post at for his perspective.

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Peter Stindberg said...

I didn't notice the different buying behaviours... I buy on impulse too. Sometimes. After some consideration. And after checking if it's really quality. And trying the demos with various gear. And checking if there is not something better at Casa del Shai.

Thanks again to you and Ramo - that really made my day!