Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shopping With Peter

Written 27 December, 2007

Shopping with Peter

My Second Life brother Peter has fine tastes in clothing. So when he told me he had found a nice little shop with a freebie, I was sooo there!

Night before last (that would be Christmas!) we teleported to the shop of Vette DeCuir in the Mangakino sim(, where I discovered a small but well-done collection of casual clothing.

Peter had met the owner and designer the night before, and she teleported down from her skybox for a talk. We had a delightful chat, and I made a new friend.

And Peter? Peter is smitten.

He may write what he wants in his profile about being a bitter man who wants no more to do with love:

"Victim of romance, torn, battered, sad, disillusioned. D0n't get too close to me. I don't want to suffer an more."

but he's as much a sucker for love as he always was. (As am I) I could tell he liked Vette.

We had a grand talk, and Vette and I became friends. I passed her landmarks for Flights of Fancy and Pele. I really liked her too (although not in the same way as Peter, lol).

Vette will be introducting 20 new items soon after the first of the year, so save her link. I think she has great talent.

I bought one outfit (the black knit) that night and went back last night and bought the other. The neckline plunges, so I'll wear it with the very nice white Symmetry - Amazed top I picked up for free somewhere.

I can't wait to see Vette's new stuff.

Both Peter and Vette have posted about night before last, here and here

I think Vette likes Peter, too.

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