Saturday, December 1, 2007

Osho Virtual Island

Written 1 December, 2007

Osho Virtual Island

My new friend JacksonYang Yifu likes to explore. He told me about Osho Virtual island, and I popped there with him.

First thing I did when I got there was show him how to break into a house.

I'm incorrigible.

When he finally managed to get out of the locked house, he had to go to RL, and I was on my own.

So I walked down the beach and straightaway saw a circle of about a dozen people, sitting on cushions.

Not unusual in SL, to be sure, but they were using voice-- to perform. The participants were reciting poetry and playing guitar and singingp- and it sounded great!

I recited to poems and grabbed my dusty guitar and sang two songs. Woo hoo!

I was given a handy little notecard reader HUD which I will e happy to pass along to anyone who IMs me in world. You just wear it and drop a notecard on it and it reads the card one line at a time, advanced by mouseclick. That was great for the few people there who didn't have voice.

The place is Osho Virtual Island on the Owokum Meditation Island Sim, just down the beach from coordinates (202, 12, 21). The group meets every Thursday at 4 pm LST and goes for hours-- and there are all sorts of spontaneous events, as well.

Check it out! You might see me!

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