Monday, December 17, 2007

No More Hair Up the Butt!

Written 17 December, 2007

No More Hair Up the Butt!

My SL brother Peter Stindberg and PulseBurst Flow have been keeping me updated about the progress Nikolaz Beresford has been making on getting rid of this horrible bug. I waited until he had it nailed (or hoped he did) and downloaded his Bleeding Edge-V client. It's working perfectly, and sure enough, no more hair up the butt. I see particles better, too, and even the textures on the land seem sharper. How did he DO that?

I have been popping all around the grid. My hair and other attachments sometimes pop off when I hit a new sim, but they come back in the same place.

It's too early to tell if he has also fixed the bug that causes attachments to not. Attach, that is.

One can only hope!

Thanks, Peter and Pulse, for telling me about the viewer. And thanks, Nikolaz, for your great work on the SL client.



The Nikolaz viewers can be downloaded from his Blogger website:

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Peter Stindberg said...

Nicholaz has over time also included a lot of tiny, but very effective user interface enhancements. Latest addition is a "discard" button when you get landmarks. Check out the release notes to see all the tiny enhancements, that I would not like to miss anymore.