Monday, December 31, 2007

So Not a Fashion Blog

Written 31 December, 2007

So Not a Fashion Blog

The more I declaim the status of this blog as a fashion blog (it's really not, just on a fashion arc), the more people become convinced it is. Just yesterday my friend GM Nikolaidsis said, "Oh, I read it in your fashion blog."

After chasing around all day with my friend's male alt looking at skins, last night my Second Life brother Peter Stindberg told me of free skins at Minnu Model Skins.

Now, I love my skin by Max, which I bought at what is now known as The Body Politik, but if I owned any other skin I would be beating feet just now to Minnu, I tell you!

One thing I love about my skins is I can wear any level of makeup. I will show you in a future post on this not-fashion-blog. Minnu's female skins are VERY nice. I will show you in a future post.

So, here I am in my usual Max skin, and here I am in a free (yes, free!) skin from Minnu.

And, as a bonus, here I am in a male skin that was in the same gift box and which I donned by accident, thinking shaved mean, uh, down THERE! Once I had rezzed and could see I hadn't become merely a homely woman, I stuck on a demo male shape and took off my hair and this is the result. Scary, huh?

I sooo don't want to play a male avi, but I will admit to feeling a certain frisson as I helped my friend shop for skin yesterday. I mean, she's quite feminine, but as soon as the skin and shape went on, people began to treat her differently. And surprise, SHE began to behave differently, both to guys we encountered while shopping, and toward me, becoming aggressively flirtatious. It was as if she was getting a massive rush of virtual testosterone. And that's how she described it to me when she jumped on a poseball and did her best to get me on there with her. With him. How confusing!

I think I will be talking in depth about gender and about how skin and shape inform both the SL experience and the way we play our avis.

Oh-- and to get the free skins from Minnu, join the MM Skins group and retrieve them from the past announcements.


Photos: (From Top): Chey's regular skin, Minn female freebie, Minnu male freebie

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