Friday, December 7, 2007

Enter the Blizzard

Written 7 December, 2007

Enter the Blizzard

This time last year I awoke to find it had snowed on Forsaken.

Everything was white.

The snow wasn’t deep, but the ground was covered, and it remained white until the new year.

I have pictures to prove it.

I was a little annoyed, as Pele was still under development and snow blindness made it difficult to build. Besides, Pele is a tropical island. WTF was up with all that snow?

The snow lasted only five weeks, but it seemed forever. I was happy to see the sand come back.

And now it’s about to snow again.

I know, because my neighbor, Leaf Shermer, asked if I was okay with having snow.”

“Sure,” I said.

“I’ll contact Carcinia,” she said.

Last night Carcinia IMed to make sure I was okay with a few weeks of snow.

“Sure,” I said, and set out two big ass weather machines, one near the Pele Community Center, and one in Pele Gardens. They’re covering the entire sim with dark clouds and big flakes, which are sticking to the ground.

When I get home from work, Forsaken will be covered in snow.

I IMed my brother Peter this morning. “It’s snowing,” I said.

“I know,” he said. “I’m standing at East Beach, and I’m freezing my ass off!”

East Beach is one of Peter’s favorite places in Second Life. He likes to stand there while he does other tasks on his computer.

Remembering that Peter had sprung for a wardrobe, I said, “Best put on your trench coat.”

“I’m wearing it,” he grumbled. “I’m still freezing.”

Ah, the spirit of Christmas!



Photos: The great Forsaken snow of '06. Pele had already taken on her essential form.

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