Thursday, December 27, 2007

Now I'm Getting Worried!

Written 27 December, 2007

Now I'm Getting Worried!

So, the snow Dreamland dumped on the sim was okay, and I had fun putting in snow drifts and icicles.

But things are getting SERIOUS now.

These icebergs showed up yesterday, and this morning there's a family of penguins took up residence.

This place is beginning to look like Antarctica!

And oh, crap! I just noticed a wrecked boat on one of the icebergs. And yet another penguin!


Photos: The wrecked boat was made by Greg Paslong and is available for sale at Flights of Fancy. The penguins were made by Xandi Mars. I picked them up for free at Winterland. There's an igloo for $1, too, and a snowball thrower for your avi.

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