Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Coats

Written 21 December, 2007

Winter Coats

With all the snow and ice on Pele, I pulled out my Jopsy's Frosty Breath [inexpensive and available at Light Sorcery on the Teal sim (77, 143, 22)]. And I went shopping for coats.

Now, coats are, with the possible exception of Men's trench coats, rare in Second Life, but I now have a small collection. I am taking advantage of the weather to wear them.

I never wear coats in my first life. Most days in the winter I don't even wear a jacket. I carry one in my vehicle as a sop to winter weather, but as it's only a few feet from my house to my truck and from my truck to my office, and since the temperature rarely falls below 40 where I live, I usually leave it lying on the seat.

But lately-- I'm certainit's because of the cold weather on Pele-- I've been wanting to wear coats, both in my first life and in my second. . I'm indulging myself.

In the middle of the summer I went exploring on some snow sims and came across a great coat. It's avatar clothing, no prims, but it looked good on the sign and was inexpensive. I feel warm when I wear it. It was $125L well spent!

It's the Astrakhan Coat R005 by Euterpe Zagoskin, part of her Elegance Range. I no longer had-- or maybe I just couldn't find- the landmark for the place where I bought the coat, but I found her name in Properties and found her store through her picks

It's in the PeachTree Resort sim, which is always snowy. Funny. I live in Atlanta, and everything is named Peachtree, and it hardly ever snows here. So figure that!

Anyway, here's the slurl for her shop:

LOL. In going to her shop to get the SLURL, I was compelled to buy something!

I bought a present for my Sweetie and a nice parka set for myself (in three colors, so I can make two gifts!). It is the season, you know!

Anyway, here I am in the Astrakhan coat.

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