Friday, December 21, 2007

Golden Leopard Coat

Written 21 December, 2007

Golden Leopard Coat

I had been in Second Life only a few weeks when I chanced upon my first coat-- a fur coat in endangered golden leopard. I bought it.

At the time I had no conception of prim-based vs. avatar overlay clothing. I was confused by all the pieces-- five. Why did I need to wear five things to put on one coat?

To further confuse matters, the coat came in three sizes and I didn't realize that.

So I gave up on the leopard coat.

But with my newfound obsession with coats, I pulled it out of my inventory and dusted it off and sent it to the virtual dry cleaner, and found it looks fabulous on top of the Astrakhan coat. In fact, it's downright warm.

I think it makes a nice look, especially with my new Mai hair from Zero Style (Metabirds 20, 207, 24).

By the way, I'm standing on a huge 10 meter Christmas ornament I made yesterday.

p.s. The leopard coat was made by Santana Lumiere. I mined her or his picks, but was unable to find it.

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