Saturday, December 29, 2007

Speaking of Coats...

Written 29 December, 2007

Speaking of Coats...

Since we're on the subject of coats (this being in no way a fashion blog, after all), Here I am in a really nice tweed coat made by Maruri Dryke.

It's from *DP Serendipity on Aventi Island.

I'm making it really easy for you to TO RIGHT OUT AND BUY THIS COAT! HEHE!

I wish I had one like this in RL.

Even if it doesn't get quite cold enough in Atlanta to justify the expense.

I'm wearing a scarf from Artilleri Mainstore. There's quite a selection at only $75, and they come with free frosty breath.

I love my frosty breath. I bought it last year at Jopsy Pendragon's Light Sorcery on the amazing Teal sim. I aquired it too late in last year's season, but I've made extensive use of it during Pele's brief winter. Sweetie says it makes her feel cold.

OMG! I have learned in all this not blogging about fashion how to make embedded SLURLS!

Will wonders never cease!

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