Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Written 27 December, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Christmas 2007 was, in Second Life, a whirlwind of greetings and well-wishes and exchanges of presents with my Second Life family and friends.

I got a lot of beautiful cards and beautiful gifts ranging from a simple drink to a cuddle platform.

As part of Pele's two-week "winter" (Dreamland will switch the ground texture back to sand shortly after the start of the new year), I froze the lake.

In fact, I sort of went winter crazy. I bought winter trees and Christmas lights and even a sculpted snow drift. I stuck lights and icicles and roof snow and ice puddles and snowmen and Christmas trees and present boxes all over the place. Used up all of our prims!

Idly, I made a HUGE (think 10 meter) christmas ornament, just a simple red shiny globe. Then I made copies in different colors and sizes and stuck them all in the lake on the ice.

It occurred to me that the smalles might make a good package for Christmas presents, so I made a red one for women and a a blue one for men. I put some of my jewelry in the red one and a mini-holodome of my creation in the blue one and sent out presents whenever I saw a friend come on line.

That really WASN'T the way I should have done it, for I soon forgot who had been given their present and who hadn't! And I'm sure some people didn't look inside their globes, even though I send messages to peek at the contents.

So anyway, here are some photos of the ornaments, the Pele rail station, and snow on the volcano.

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Peter Stindberg said...

Winter crazy? What a nice understatement.