Friday, December 28, 2007

Prim Nails

Prim Nails

Avatar Nails

Written 20 December, 2007

Prim Nails

Not a fashion blog. I _swear_ it!

I love my prim nails, but I’ve reluctantly put them away

Prim nails attach to your fingers, giving a lovely, more realistic, and of course high-fashion look to your avi’s hands.

They require resizing of the hands, but the good ones come in a variety of hand sizes, and besides, everyone knows there can be no beauty without pain.

But mine were coming loose sometimes. I would be kissing Sweetie and sneak a quick look at myself (I mean, who doesn’t like to look at their avi? Second Life is a narcissist’s paradise!) and see my prim nails floating loose above my hands.

I finally figured out that poseballs could dislodge prim nails—and so can the animations in Animation Overriders.

I believe it has to do with the priority of the animations. These priorities (there are four levels) are set when animations are imported into Second Life; higher priority animations will override lower-priority animations.

Animations can also specify the hand position of avatars—fists, open, relaxed. I think prim nail problems can related to that, too. Perhaps even a low-priority animation will dislodge them if it specifies hand positions.

At any rate, I was forced to choose between prim nails and cute stands.
Cute stands won out.

And especially cute stands that override the typing animation. I hate the typing animation. But stands that override the typing animation seem to be incompatible with prim nails.

I will probably be doing a card or two in my AO that contains poses that are prim nail compatible, however.

Because a girl just can’t do away completely with her prim nails.

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