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Written 19 December, 2007



I will admit to a tendency to get involved in tedious, repetitive projects, to the extent that I spent way too much time and give way too much attention to them.

It’s not entirely a bad thing, for I’m able to finish enormous projects like scanning every photo I have ever taken or ripping tracks and adding comments from every one of my CDs—or, in this case, preparing for commerce.

Since early November I’ve been stuffing vendors, learning as I go. I tried the free vendors; I tried JEVN networked vendors, and I settled on hippoVend.

I’ve worked hard these past few weeks getting hundreds of items set up on the hippo system, and I’m happy to say that every product that is ready for market is set to sell.

I had, in my folly, thought that would be all there was to it.

But no! Arggh!

To be effective, I needed to list the items on SLExchange and OnRez.

For those who might not know, SLEX ( and OnRez ( are web-based shopping services for Second Life virtual products. They have thousands upon thousands of items, and you can search or browse through products just as you can at

So I’ve been putting jewelry and silly builds on both services, and I’ve been a bit consumed with it. In fact, for the last two days I’ve pretty much stood at the Pele Community Center (that’s where the servers are located) and fed product information and prices to the websites while listening to Hawaiian music and idly IMing friends.

Starting today, however, I’m going to do only about 10 items a day on each site. Life is too precious to tie up doing silly, repetitive tasks.

I mean, I don’t even know if my stuff will sell, anyway!

I would like to apologize to my friends for being distracted, and especially to Sweetie, with whom I’m often on the phone. I was last night, and I was a bit absent.

Sweetie, please give me another chance to make up ridiculous Second-Life based Christmas song lyrics with you! I’m sure I can make a contribution to Poseballs of Despair and Woe!

The song is in progress, but I don't think Sweetie would mind if I gave you a hint of the lyrics:

(Sung to the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Avatars)

I clicked stand up and turned to him
And typed out my outrage
And said, "What were you thinking sir
To trick me in this way?
I was a pose ball virgin, sir
Now if asked I must say
I am fallen on pose balls of despair
Balls of despair
I am fallen on poseballs of despair"

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