Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Chat With Mordecai

Written 30 December, 2007

Christmas Chat with Mordecai

On Christmas Eve both my Sweetie and my Second Life brother Mordecai's lovely wife Kacy were doing the family thing.

Mordecai and I IMed for a bit, and then he came to Pele and we made ourselves comfortable in the Christmas light-tricked-out tiki shelter on the (now frozen) lake.

Because Mordecai's compter has difficulty with Skype, we chatted in SL Voice for a good long time-- until, in fact, it was long after Mordecai, who is five hours ahead of me, should have logged out and gone to bed.

We caught up with all sorts of things. It was a lovely way to pass a holiday eve.


I found the other photo of a chat at Mordecai, this one taken at his home in Caledon. It was taken a couple of days earlier.


Yesterday I took Sweetie to Prim & Proper so she could browse the sale items (and she did, cleaning out, for some reason, the mens' section).

While we were there, Mordecai and Kacy teleported in; seems they had read about the sale in this blog!

Alas, no photos from P&P!

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