Saturday, December 22, 2007

DP Trench Coat

Written 21 December, 2007

DP Trench Coat

I wasn't kidding when I said I have gone coat crazy!

Here I am in a trench coat from DP Fashions. I'm not including the coordinates because they sell nasty stuff like bukkake dousings (you'll have to look up bukkake. I'm not 'splaining it!)

The other products in the store offended Sweetie when I took her to look at the coat. I don't blame her. I was offended too.

But not offended enough to not buy it.

I had wanted to buy it for Sweetie, but it was a nice coat, and if it had bukkaki on it, it had been thoroughly cleaned up, so I bought it.

The coat is scipted so avis can lift the tails and do me, but thank goodness, there's a notecard that lets me decide who can raise them. There is only one name on it.

Well, three, because I included Sweetie's alts. :)

Here I am, high on a mountain in the Forsaken sim, wearing the DP coat and Rain hair from Gurl6.

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