Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kitto's Trolley

Written 21 May, 2009

Kitto's Trolley

While sorting landmarks last week I came across this little trolley by Kitto Flora. It was running on the tracks of the Great Second Life Railway. You can catch it on the Purple sim.
Sweetie and I made our way to Kitto's new shop on Jaxx Island, but the only trolley for sale was an intrasim version.

I IMed Kitto to ask him if an intrasim trolley was in the works, and his words were discouraging-- he basically said that until Second Life improves its between-sim handoffs, intersim vehicle transport is impractical-- especially when multiple cars of trans are involved.

Sad. I, like many others, have dreams of continent-wide rail routes-- but that's not to be, at least for the immediate future.

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