Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nine (Count 'Em!) Av Lights

Written 2 May, 2009

Nine (Count 'Em!) Av Lights

The rezzing-in period can be quite instructive. Attachments that are ordinarily invisible aren't until the alpha texture rezzes in.

I counted nine face lights on this avatar.

That's interesting, since only eight light sources are visible at any one time, and the sun and moon each count for one.

I'm beginning to think responsible content creators should band together and contact some of the idiot designers in Second Life and counsel with them about their excesses.

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Whatcha Eaton said...

I sometimes work in an SL club as a host. One day a face light-festooned woman came in and the room went all a-shimmery and a-blinky. I asked her why she had so many face lights and explained to her the eight (six, practically) light source limit. She didn't get it. So I told her, "You know, having more face lights won't make you any brighter." She didn't get the barely veiled insult either. :D