Sunday, May 3, 2009

Three Cool Things From Damani: II. Weather System

Written 3 May, 2009

Three Cool Things From Damani

II: Weather System Deluxe

For more than two years now I've had Damani's Weather System, and I've been more than happy with it. It will blanket an entire sim with three levels of rain, snow, and hail, create nifty ground effects, make thunder and lightning, and, when the weather clears, make sunbeams that shine through the clouds. Interctive menus easily allow the owner to set the level of access (owner only, group, anyone), set the range of the weather (up to 240 x 240 meters), hide or show the weather emitters, and turn wind effects and physics off and on.
The weather system is copyable, so you can put one anywhere you wish, and will hide and show on command. And although the system has always worked perfectly, I've received at least a half-dozen upgrades.

Not bad for purchase of (as I recall) less than $1000L.

When I was at Damania last week I saw the new Deluxe Weather System for (as I receall) a little less than $1500L. It has all the features of the old system, plus more. New features include the ability to mirror the weather at any location in the U.S or generate weather randomly. Users can customize the individual rezzers so particles don't fall inside houses and ground effects follow the contours of the land. Clouds can raised or lowered in relation to the weather machine, and can be customized to reflect the setting or rising sun. There's also a cool new tornado feature.

Because there are more buttons on the deluxe weather machine, it's primmier, weighing in at 22 prims (the regular version is just 11). However, the weather machine can be sent to temp-on-rez, and when the weather machine is hidden, only one prim remains on the land until the next time it's put into use.
Creator Damanios Thetan is working on ways to link any number of machines together so weather can be coordinated across and entire estate. I'm sure he'll soon be sending me a new deluxe machine with that and other new features.

Oh-- and I forgot to mention blood rain and hell fire, two new and rather intense weather effects. Shown above: Hell fire.

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