Saturday, May 2, 2009

SweetieBot Fashion Shoot

Written 2 May, 2009

Sweetiebot Fashion Shoot

Sweetie has long been leery of web-based shopping services for Second Life-- but last weekend she broke a long history of buying only in-world to purchase on XStreet something called an AVKIT (it's a tool to help builders of avatars find joint points.

Only Sweetie could have turned such a barebones kit into a high-fashion avatar!

She spent all day Sunday trying on and adjusting clothes. As evening rolled in, I built a platform in the sky and put out a photo booth and prepared to do a shoot.

That was, of course, when everyone and their brother started showing up. Within minutes there were six avatars on the platform, keeping me busy with chat, IMs, and handing out landmarks.

So I wasn't at my best when I took these photos.

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