Friday, May 15, 2009

New Features Lead (Eventually) to Higher Quality Merchandise: IV. Water Features and Off-Sim Products

Written 15 May, 2009

New Features Lead (Eventually) to Higher Quality Merchandise

IV: Water Features and Off-Sim Products

As content creators have become more familiar with sculpted prims, the ocean areas of Second Life have become more complex and compelling. By now everyone is familiar with the swirling eddies by Naiman Broom at Las Islase (and there are now competing products). One can now buy whirlpools, choppy seas, dozens of kinds of waves, and huge prims that sit just below the surface of the water, coloring shallow areas to look like the Caribbean.

Water Effects and Offshore Rocks on Leaf Shermer's Eccentricity Sim

Water Effects on Whimsy. Note the Coloring and Sparkles in Foreground
Lately we’ve seen the introduction of lots of products that can be placed beyond the border of a region, making the sim look larger than it actually is. They can’t actually be reached (unless a poseball is carefully placed alongside them), but they are visual treats.

Off-sim builds range in size from single rocks to entire mountains, and some are made to look like entire sims (the most dramatic example being on the Aggro sim..

Every Bit of This is Off-Sim

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