Monday, May 25, 2009

Renting Movies

Chey saw Nausicaa. Sweetie did not.
Note: This screen shot is a clever replication of what one might see if one watched a pirated move in Second Life. Any resemblance to any move, imagined or real, is purely virtual.

Written 25 May, 2009

Renting Movies

There's nothing nicer than renting a movie in Second Life and cuddling up in the comfort of one's home with one's Sweetie.

Unless when the damn movie won't work!

Which happens a LOT!

The people who pirate movies into Second Life lock their URLS up as securely as they can. Typically, starting a movie will give you a 30 second vacation as your screen and mouse freeze up. And typically, either you or your Sweetie won't be able to see the film that eventually plays.

Often the same movies are available on the web, but usually the same things happen. Either you or your Sweetie will have video that keeps pausing.


What's a poor video pirate to do?

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Xavion said...

I'm reluctant to say that I too share this experience. My partner and I live rather "busy" lives in SL but every now and then we get a few hours to settle down at a quiet place we call 'home' and then we get an rent a movie. Similar to the problems with music not streaming for one of us, videos that don't play (especially the ones you pay a subscription for) really ruin the moment. It's rather unfortunate I tell you.