Saturday, May 16, 2009

Paper Couture

Written 15 May, 2009

Paper Couture

You understand, don’t you, that this is not a fashion blog. That doesn’t mean I can’t blog about fashion sometimes.

Or a lot.

Or that I can’t fill the December pages of this blog with pictures of me in every sort of coat.

Sweetie and I love Paper Couture. The main store is here, but we usually shop at the P.C. store on the ever-changing Tableau sim. We try to get by there about once a quarter to see the new designs.

For reasons of international security I can’t show Sweetie in her Paper Couture. gowns, so you’ll have to live with photos of me.

Photos (Top to Bottom)
Petal Puff
Silk Gypsey
Gilded Peach and Gold
Cardinal Entrance

Hair by Sirena (1-3) and Lala Moon (4)

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