Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chey Makes a Script-Killing Script

Written 12 May, 2009

Chey Makes a Script-Killing Script

After talking with jeweler Caithlin Carter, I worked on a pair of scripts that will kill all scripts in a linked object, and then delete themselves.

One script sits in the root; it communicates via link message with the second script, which sits in each and every child prim with scripts in it, telling them to activate-- then it kills all the other scripts in the root prim. Then it deletes itself-- and the killer scripts in the child prims delete themselves, too. The result is a linked object with no scripts.

The scripts are full perm, and they're not as smart as they might be-- they require the user to write in the exact names of each and every script that must be deleted. But the price is right.
Anyone who would like a copy of the scripts should IM me. I'll send them along free of charge. I ask only that you not give them to anyone else; instead, just direct them to me.

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