Saturday, May 2, 2009

Three Cool Things from Damani: I. Fireworks

Written 2 May, 2009

Three Cool Things from Damani

I. Damani Fireworks

Sweetie and I have both the Cubeos and DeCuir Fireworks systems. We love them, but are always on the lookout for more fireworks.

Last week I was on the track of a media player I will soon tell you about and found myself on a familiar sim: Damania.

It was on Damania that I bought Whimsy's weather system, which will make it rain, snow, or hail all over the sim-- and it's copyable, so I can make weather hell on Kaboom as well!

Now here I was again!

I found the TV I had been tracking-- and a new and improved weather system-- but first, fireworks.
Damani creator Damanios Thelan had a fireworks package for sale for about $700 Lindens, and I bought it, took it home to Whimsy, and lit up the night sky (see photos). I could watch them from more than a hundred meters away.

The Cubeos and DeCuir systems are HUDs and more flexible than the Damani system (they remind me SOOO much of the Fireworks Construction Kit for the Commodore 64), but the Damani was easy; set some parameters, touch the box, and step back.

Damani promises new releases of bursts that can be installed in the rezzer. That's exciting. Damani updates its products frequently.

If you need an inexpensive fireworks package, this one might do it for you.

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