Monday, May 25, 2009

Sweetie Gets a Skin

Written 25 May, 2009

Sweetie Gets a Skin

It was a peaceful holiday evening. We were lying in a sleeping bag on top of the bed (don't ask) in our House of 1000 Pleasures, being silly in Skype.

Sweetie, being Sweetie, was also busily scouring the internet for signs of adoration-- and she found this photo.

Oh, what's that? She said to tell you she was looking for super secret clues left for her on webpages, and if she happened to find adoration along the way, who is she to spurn it?

The photo-- she found it on the front page of the Society of  North American Goldsmiths-- sent her into a rage.

"How DARE they steal my idea!" she fumed. "My design! My inspiration!"

"How is that, hon?" I asked sleepily.

They stole the design of the Whimsy Sungate!

Patented Sweetie Shape
"They did?"

"Yes! My hollowed and dimpled spherical shape with gold interior!"

"The one that's perfectly proportioned and exquisitvely textured?" I asked.

"That's the one! Can't you see what they've done?" Sweetie jumped up from the sleeping bag and began pacing around the room, dropping 8-meter stone orbs all about. I made a dash for the door lest one crush me.

"See? These are the prototypes!"

How we got from there to a new skin for Sweetie, I'm not quite sure-- what's that? Oh, she decided her virtual sense of style was becoming too famous and so she needed to change her appearance.

We spent the next two days making mad dashes from one skin store to another. Sweetie would buy all the demos, try them on, and then cast them onto the floor for the freebie camping janitorial crews to pick up, and we would be off to the next location.

Adam 'N Eve. Body Politik. Sin Skins. Redgrave. Fleur. Tete a Pied. Sensible Skins. Skin Within. Canimal.
"Too dark! Too goth! Ewwww, too oily! Too slutty! The nipples are the wrong color. OMG, did they paint this skin with a 4-inch brush? This skin seems to have been designed to look its best under nuclear face light!"

Longtime readers of this blog may remember Sweetie's former misadventures when skin shopping. There was the time she resolved to buy new makeups for her original skin; We jumped to the store and there was only a hole in the ground (it had been there just the night before). Another time we were in a store and she actually had the buy box open when the store and everything in it disappeared and we fell three floors to the ground.

This time, however, nothing went wrong. She found a skin at-- what's that?

Oh, Sweetie said I can't tell you, as then you would be able to recognize her, and if you recognized her, she would have to kill you. Let's just say we found a lovely alabaster skin that will work well with the most deadly shades of exploding lipstick in her inventory-- and she has a lot of them.

I can't show you a photo of Sweetie, of course (her being undercover and all), but I assure you she looks lovely.

Except for the prim eyelashes, which she got tired of adjusting, leaving one floating a meter or so out from her face.

Oops! I just gave you a clue to Sweetie's appearance. I'm in trouble now!

We can't actually show you Sweetie, but we CAN show you her skin!

She of course looks nothing like the avatar in the photo.

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