Monday, May 25, 2009

Guest Blog: A Tribute to Mystical Cookie-- Armando Frangilli

Guest Blog

A Tribute to Mystical Cookie

by Armando Frangilli

 There are two reasons for me writing this blog about Mystical Cookie and Avendale. The first, is my own personal need to express the sadness concerning her disappearance, the second, my desire to pay a small tribute to one of the most remarkable people I've had the privilege to meet and befriend in Second Life.

Avendale is a group of six sims. I don't even remember how I got there, actually. I do remember the night I first ventured onto these simsthough. It was in Avendale Mystery, which was a new sim Mysti had bought and designed. The first night , met Molly Montale, cantara Boxer, and a couple of others as they were standing outside a new shop. After speaking with them for just a little while I knew this was a place In wanted to own land. It wasn't just a sim filled with strangers, but a place that had a nice community of folks that enjoyed creating and doing things together.

It was that night that I first met Mysti, outside her shop in Avendale. I spoke with her about the sims and she shared with me her vision of creating a community where creative people would live in the metaverse to inspire and help each other create and just have fun together.

Just from that brief conversation, I knew I had just met a very special person. I decided to purchase land in Adeo.

I loved living in Avendale, spending nights around the campire in Nevi with Mysti and others, discussing anything and everything, going out on "family outings." The first Sunday of every month we had Show and Tell at the Tavern in Adeo, where folks would showcase projects they were working on.

Mysti has been missing for more then three months now. Every effort to contact her has failed.r. Philip Rosedale has even had people try to phone her, with no success. We here are all mourning because we've lost a very dear lady who was not just one of the best-- if not THE best -- scripters in SL. but a person, always so polite, kind, and thoughtful, willing to help with anything, certainly the BEST landlord I've ever had, and just a wonderful person and friend. She will be dearly missed.

What amazes me is how profoundly this metaverse has impacted my life. Many times we talk of SL and RL as being something totally different from each other, yet while they are indeed different, they are indeed the same.

I will never forget Mysti. She is as real to me as anyone I've met in my physical world. I mourn her loss as much as the loss of anyone I've come to know and love.

As for Avendale, we don't know what the future holds. Linden Lab has sent a letter to Mysti to try to make contact. Contractually, they have 60 days from the time the letter was sent to decide the fate of Mysti's sims. So for us now it's a waiting game.

While we hope that Mysti will return, it doesn't realistically appear that she will. Something has happened. Knowing her as we do, we know it is so totally out of character for her to just disappear like this unless something happened.

We miss Mysti and we will miss Avendale.

p.s. As with all sad stories, there is a positive side to this. The spirit Mysti instilled in Avendale lives on. We got together at a new Sim owned by Liz Gealach-- Thistle-- and had such a good time. Mysti lives on in our hearts. We all have many special memories, with some special people, in a very special Mystical  place called Avendale!

p.p.s. Thank you, Chey, for letting me share this.

Pandora's Photo of Mysti Overlooking the Sim
Mystical is Designing the New Avendale Mystery
Mystical and Avendale Residents at Nevi Campfire
Mysti Takes Us On a Flying Carpet Ride


Harper Beresford said...

I am curious how you know LL has contacted Mystical. Are you a Linden, and if so, how can you possibly disclose this information? If not, how would you know?

Cheyenne Palisades said...

You'll need to ask the author. However, I do have some ideas. Maybe he IS Mystical Cookie; maybe he is married to Mystical Cookie; maybe he is a Linden; maybe he is best friends with a Linden; maybe he is best friends with Mystical Cookie; maybe he is psychic; maybe he is lying; maybe he lives on one of Mystical Cookie's sime and one resident, on behalf of everyone, approached the Lindens with their concerns about Mystical Cookie. Pick one.

Anonymous said...

You will be delighted to hear Mysti is back!