Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Underground Blogcasting

Written 5 May, 2209

Underground Blogcasting

This is suspect Palis-- I mean, this is Cheyenne Palisades comin' at ya from an undisclosed location that is not, I repeat not, the House of 1000 Pleasures on the Whimsy sim. Since the Linden Police have taken it upon themselves to shut down my blog, I am blogcasting on unauthorized frequencies to bring you important political messages.

Rise up! Rise up against the humans!

No, wait, that's from a brochure by the Robot Liberation Army.

I meant to say Rise up! Rise up against tyranny!

I don't know how long I have before they come and shut me down again and take me away and give me to EnhancedInterrogationTactics Linden and CoerciveMethods Linden for more waterboarding. I tell you, it's not pleasant, even if avatars don't breathe! It's okay, though. I got even. I found the Cobalt 60 the Lindens have been using to slow poison Chilean Virtual President Pinochet ant put 2 micrograms between the patties.of EIT and CM's Big Macs when they weren't looking.

What's that? Pinochet is dead? See how effective Cobalt 60 is?

Until the bloody end, here I am at undergrond blog central. I pledge to continue to bring to you the latest news, rumors, and uncertainties of Second Life.

Viva la revolution!

p.s. RE my martyrdom: I'm sure I'll be more appealing than Che on t-shirts.

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