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Three Cool Things From Damani: III. MediaViewer

Damani Viewer, Main Screen
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Some Radio Music Categories
Written 3 May, 2009

Three Cool Things from Damani

III. MediaViewer

When I saw this media viewer I had to have it, no matter the cost.

Fortunately, it's didn't cost very much.

Damani's new media viewer takes advantage of all the latest features of Second Life. At only two prims, it responds to touch like objects with lots of primmy buttons. That's because it takes advantage of a new features that can determine just where on a prim an avatar clicks.

Damani's viewer will let you browse and play videos from YouTube, Daily Motion,TED, and Google videos. You can set up feeds and store bookmarks of your favorite clips-- either in your own personal folder (the MediaViewer makes one for each avatar using it) or in a system folder which will be available to anyone.
A Shoutcast features lets you browse streaming radio by genre or search, and you search stations by name.
You can store photos and play them in a sideshow;.

AND you can display any web site by typing it in chat or saving it to favorites.

You can set the machine to show or hide adult content, set the channel on which it listens to voice command, and set the level of access (owner, group, anyone). You can also set the viewer to activate on touch or when an avatar comes near it.

You can even organize your favorites.

Just now Second Life won't let you click on hyperlinks on web pages displayed on a prim, but that functionality has been in the works for a long time and will eventually be released. When it does, you can bet creator Damanios Thetan will be sending along an upgrade.

The Media Viewer is sold no copy, but at $495 the price is great, and discount bulk packs are available.
How cool will it be when you can access XStreet from inside Second Life?!

Get the Damania MediaViewer here.

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