Saturday, May 2, 2009


Why Do You Think Creator Hatzfeld Runo Deliberately Placed the VW Logo Upside Down?

Great Photos of Tribal Tattoos, Tribal Tattoo Cove
Written 1 May, 2009


Last night I went back to Alma and got the name of the creator of the VW microbus (Hatzfeld Runo). I went straight to his picks.

I found myself on a VERY well done tropical sim named Tiki Tattoo Cove. Nice terraforming, nice landscaping, nice textures, handsome builds, good signage, just nice.

I asked for help and a helpful avatar told me to select from the teleport board. I jumped, and my new friend was already there. He showed me the sales sign for the bus, and I bought it.

Touching the various signs rezzed builds which were nice enough to stick around for five minutes or so, long enough to really examine them. We worked our way through the various products, and he bought a very nice Samoan house he had been thinking about. We each bought the sauna / pool, it was just that nice.

This morning I put the bus down on Whimsy Kaboom. The bus comes with cushions for the ground, a clothesline with flapping laundry, foliage, and a campfire, very nice, if a little primmy. The bus itself looks as if it hasn’t run in ten years and will never move again. Inside is a bed and massage poseballs.

I placed the sauna nearby, with the pool looking over the ocean. Both builds fit well on the little Sweetie-created island, no terraforming necessary except to remove a bit of sand from the rear of the sauna. Won’t Sweetie be surprised when she comes in world tonight?

Or maybe not, since she has a bad habit of reading this blog.

To find the sauna and microbus, teleport to Tiki Tattoo Cove and select Tiki Prefabs from the teleport board.

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Hatzfeld Runo said...

Thx Chey :)

To reply you.... the VW sign was rigt in past but I had to modify it because of trademark's violations... Now it's a "AM" & old vans are now collectors :p

Never hesitate to knock at my door if anything, and thx for words

Have fun!

Hatzfeld Runo
Tiki Tattoo