Sunday, May 3, 2009

Robot Island-- Uh, I Mean the Upper Gardens

Top Photo: Before: Robot Island
Bottom 4 Photos: After: Upper Gardens
Written 3 May, 2009

Robot Island-- Uh, I Mean the Upper Gardens

Plants in Second Life just keep getting better and better-- sculpty trees and flowers save prims and new arrangements using both sculpties and new arrangements of standard prims allow for the creation of landscapes that were difficult to achieve before.

Sweetie and I were entranced by the meadows at Forest Feast and bought some flowers there, but they were no copy, making any extensive use prohibitively expensive.

But Second Life provides, and before long we found some wonderful flowers for sale on the Hikari sim-- not only copyable, but inexensive, about $100L each. The circular arrangement of these flowers lent itself to the creation of meadowlands.

I greened up the place we called Robot Island by adjusting the terrain in the Region/Estate menus, and Sweetie went to work, placing flowers, grasses, bamboo of various types, and a single small birch tree on the flat top and sloping sides of the island. She threw out some prims, making a stone arch, a wooden platform, and stonework for a fountain. I added water effects and some Japanese garden structures, made a walkway down to a landing platform, and put up a bridge to span the chasm between Pele and Robot Island-- and we were done!

Well, almost. Sweetie had made a little cave. I blackened the inside, made some blinking eyes to peer out of the darkness. Finally, I placed free bat from Fairchang on the roof of the cave and set it to fly.
THEN we were done.

The result is the beautiful and peaceful area we are now calling the Upper Gardens.

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