Monday, May 25, 2009

Sim Crossings Are Much Improved! Teleports, Too!

Blue Zoned in a Freebie Gaxis Golf Cart
Chey in A6M-2 Rufe Seaplane
Written 25 May, 2009

Sim Crossings are Much Improved! Teleports, too!

Last night Sweetie took Pam Havercamp and me boating in her Flying Tako sailboat.

We sailed out of the Nantucket sim and cruised in a fair wind through at least twenty sims.

We had taken off most of our prims and HUDs, but even so, sim crossings went very well. We would occasionally appear to dive under the water or take to the air, but in a few seconds we would reappear at the proper altitude and heading in the proper direction.

We had only one minor mishap, when Sweetie sailed us onto dry land.

Until she took out her windsetter, that is.

Second Life has a constantly changing virtual wind, but windsetters can override a sim's wind. Sweetie wore hers rather unglamorously on her foot, and changed the direction of the wind so we weren't having to tack.

But Sweetie being Sweetie, she had to crank things up. She set 8 knots, then 12, then 20.

Before long, we were flying along at 50 knots. Sims were flashing by like picket fence posts.

Still, we were fine.

Until we hit a ban line.

Pam and I wound up in the blue zone. Sweetie summoned us via god mode. She occasionally gets god powers. Go figure.

I flew the same sims today in my WWII war surplus Japanese Rufe seaplane fighter. At 50% power the sims were moving under me too fast to rez, but I was fine until I made a minor misjudgement and landed on a rooftop in the Mystic sim.

Teleports are working more smoothly too, at least with the Release Candidate.

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Whatcha Eaton said...

Funny you should mention sim crossings. I honestly didn't notice that they had been smoother and, at least, more predicable of late until one crossing landed me under the ground. It wasn't until I experienced this that I remembered they ALL used to be like that.

And, yes.. I checked to see that my shoes were still on my feet and not up my bum. :)