Saturday, May 2, 2009

Whimsy Gets a New Entry Area

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Written 2 May, 2009

Whimsy Gets a new Entry Area

For a long time Whimsy's entry area was a rickety wooden platform on the eastern edge of the sim. It connected to the land via a Svarga rope bridge.

Sweetie has never been crazy about it, so last week we redid the area, using a stone bridge for both the landing point and the connection to the land.

I was concerned about avatars (we've been giving out landmarks for 13 months now) materializing in the bridge or under it or falling from the sky onto it, but we managed to keep the entry point at the same elevation, latitude, and longitude. The whole thing turned out well-- especially the bridge to what we used to call Robot Island. I think we'll now call it the upper gardens.

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