Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Adventure in Landmarks

Chey Finds Herself at a Nasty Sex Place When Sorting Landmarks
Written 15 May, 2009

An Adventure in Landmarks

For the last week or so I’ve been sorting landmarks. I started with the first that showed on my map and I'm up to the E’s now. I must have tossed several hundred out-of-date and no-longer-matters landmarks. Anything to keep the inventory count down!

Hehe. My friend Fnordian Link told me the other night he has 51,000 items in his inventory. I probably would have 51k too, had I not offloaded all my textures and photos and put most of my useless junk I can’t quite bear to throw away into prim storage on Whimsy. Fnord does a great deal of building, which accounts for his inventory size. At least three thousand items in my inventory are things I’ve built.

I’m maintaining my inventory at a svelte 20,000, thank you very much. Sweetie, who has been in world six months longer than me, has around 15,000 items, most of them poison-edged weapons and thermonuclear devices.

Teleporting around to out-of-date landmarks has been interesting. Poof. An empty field where that big high-couture store used to be. Poof. Mackleby Mackle’s Security Device: “You have 15 seconds to get the hell of my property. Have a nice day.” Poof. Destination no longer exists. Poof. “I’ll take that ho there. Cheyenne.” “Sorry, Dave. She’s not one of ours. I’m not even sure how she got here. Can I interest you in Sexxxyluv1234 Bartlett instead?” Poof. I fall 500 meters to the ground. Poof. I’m underwater. Poof. I’m trapped under the floor of a store. Poof. I bounce between red fences. Poof. I’m in a stupid build in the sky with no way out. Poof. You are not allowed into this destination. Poof. Destination no longer exists. Poof.

I’m renaming landmarks as they go so they make more sense and alphabetize properly. **!~MC’s Poseball Palace~@** loses its tildes, exclamation points, and asterisks. HOTSEX CLUB goes to lower case. And all those landmarks with just the sim name get more descriptive names, provided I can find whatever brought me there in the first place.

It sure would be handy if the pushpins of landmarks that lead to no-longer-in-existence sims turned black and red-fenced destinations were radioactive purple.

I figure I have only about a thousand more jumps to make before my landmarks are all up to date.

I am NOT compulsive.

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Peter Stindberg said...

... and neither am I, but I recently did the same. I was enthralled to see that some of my earliest landmarks still exist, however my general experience was the same than you had.

The way SL works allows a place to vanish practically overnight. And if someone is organized enough even setting up new buildings is a matter of minutes. More than one I had a favourite place of mine vanish, and everytime it hurt. It hurts even more, when some ugly abonimation appears in its place.