Monday, March 5, 2007


Written 6 March, 2007


Sunday was even better than Saturday.

The night before, Sweetie had been distracted from our cuddling because I was, she claimed, periodically producing cones of light.

I told her I thought she had managed to switch on one of the many view options in the Client menu.

On Sunday, we spent hours flitting around Forsaken as Sweetie switched on one after another of the menu options. It was as if she was on an LSD trip. "See the pretty lights!"

I followed as best I could (hint: when you want to keep up with an av on acid, search them on the map (if you have permission) and you can then locate them by the beacon that emanates from them. Even more pretty colors.

I left my Sweetie and went to visit a friend, who cut my hair as I told her of my complex, interesting, and emotionally compelling Second Life love life. I was gone for about three hours.

When I came back, Sweetie was stick clicking on menu options-- and writing about her experiences while doing so.

I love my Sweetie.

She has some marvelous ideas for a series of instruction booklets for SL residents. I think the first should be "How to Have a Psychedelic Experience in Second Life."

Sex Club

About the time Sweetie was coming down from her trip, things got very laggy on Forsaken.

It was almost certainly due to there being more than 36,000 people on the grid, but when I checked the map, she saw a pile of avatars-- at least twenty-- on the adjacent sim. I camera walked over and checked the land, which was billed as a Dutch Sex Club.

That is without doubt a Dreamland no-no.

Sweetie and I flew over and, from a height, spied on the Dutch.

As my camera view neared the ground, I began to hear female moans of ecstasy and male grunts of satisfaction.

Clearly, the Dutch were at it.

I soon found the source of the sound-- and promptly wished I hadn't.

Sweetie was sorely disappointed because her overheating laptop didn't rezz in until the sex act was done.

But she did get to watch the rest of the Dutch dancing and sitting by a campfire.

Volcano Party

The evening got well, a bit strange.

Axel had joined us. We were at the temple to Pele, trying out the teleport system I had installed on Saturday morning. (I built in a "Sacrifice" option that dumps you 20 meters above the caldera. You hit the boiling lava before you have time to turn on Fly.

We were taking turns sacrificing ourselves, and I happened to mention that I had an alternate avatar.

My dual core PC chugs along pretty well in SL-- so well, in fact, that I can run two instances of Second Life without noticeably degrading the performance. So I called in Dakota, who showed up in all her blue-haired splendor. It was her first appearance in a good while, except for instances in which I needed her to check permissions on scripted objects.

Dakota's appearance resulted in the appearance of the dragon BreathofGod, who promptly threatened to eat her (this despite Dakota's insistence that she had been drinking Tabasco sauce to spoil her taste). Dakota had to fly away to avoid being an entree, but she shouted from on high, begging to be allowed to land, and even faking an orgasm to show she no longer had virgin status.

BOG wasn't fooled.

The dragon told Dakota she could avoid being eaten only by bringing two virgins to Pele.

And so, of course, Dakota did just that. She warped to her info hub home and promptly spotted Amiko, an avatar who was her male counterpart. Hair, black and flame, skin white, tall and thin. He was absolutely a new av.

She asked him if he was up for being a sacrifice, and, when she promised it wouldn't hurt, he came with her.

Amiko's first attempt to come to Pele failed because he had no payment info posted. Cheyenne changed the land options.

On Amiko's second attempt, he fell through the newbie blocker, which Cheyenne had raised (but not high enough) and he was bounced again.

Amiko made it on the third attempt-- but BOG spared him because he told her she was beautiful.

Meanwhile, with the ban lifted, two other new citizens popped into Pele.

Dakota was beside herself with pride and pleasure, but BOG found reasons not to eat the other newcomers.


Finally, BOG flew away. Shortly thereafter, Sweetie emerged from the lava, under which she had been "dead" for a good 45 minutes.

It was quite a night.

Photo 1: Dutch Sex (Removed because people read this blog at their day jobs)

Photo 2: Psychedelic Screen View

Photo 3: Wireframe View

Photo 4: Chey and Dakota

Photo 5: Domestic scene, Breath of God and Cheyenne

Alas, I was much too busy playing two characters to take photos during our little performance at the caldera.


Ana Lutetia said...

waiting on the pictures... ;)

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Sometimes it takes me a day or so to get the pix up. I often post the blot entries while I'm away from home. The blog lives on my flash drive, but the photos are on my hard drive.

I hope the pic of Dutch sex isn't too much. I blurred it.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Ana, I hope you got a chance to see the Dutch Sex photo while it was up.