Friday, March 30, 2007


Written 29 March, 2007


Cheyenne here.

Strange to have to say that in my own blog.

Just now I’m wondering whether Dakota is my alt or I’m hers. Sometimes I feel as if I’m her foil, rather than she mine.

Dakota is slowly making a place for herself in Second Life.

I suppose it was inevitable from the time she was first rezzed. I made her as a pure convenience, since I was unable to log on. From the start, she hasd a forceful personality, and people seem to like being around her. Still, her growth as a person and her widening circle of friends has concerned me, for I’ll let nothing or no one—even Dakota—stand between me and my Sweetie.

Fortunately, Sweetie finds the whole Chey/Datota thing funny and entertaining, a bit of Second Life improvisational theater. As do I.

Believe me, we’ve talked about it. I’m prepared to rein Dakota in if and when she makes Sweetie uncomfortable. To date, she hasn’t. And I hope she never does.

And so, I’ve decided to make Dakota manager of the Dragon Skybar. She’s a natural, as she tends to hang out there and enjoys dancing on the table and on the dance floor.

I hope she doesn’t dip into the till.

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