Thursday, March 15, 2007


Sweetie in Everyday Makeup

Sweetie in a Sari from the International House of Style. Blue is Definitely Her Color!

Sweetie in Evening Makeup. Vive la Difference!
Written 15 March, 2007

Sweetie's New Look

Sweetie recently went on a shopping spree-- which is hilarious, since she claims Chey is a shopaholic and swears she has only six pairs of shoes-- seven now, since the shopping trip. Mabe that's true, since half the time she forgets to put shoes on. I've taken to calling her barefoot girl. I especially like it when she has her shoe forms on without her shoes.

Sweetie is a dear person, and I'm so glad she took herself out for a treat.

One of the things she bought was a new set of skins with a more dramatic makeup (same skin, just different makeup. I have to say, she looks fabulous when she decides to paint!

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