Thursday, March 22, 2007


Written 20 March, 2007


Well, I managed to make my neighbor angry at me by writing in this blog that he was asking an outrageous price for his land

Of course, he WAS asking a preposterous amount for his land. In fact, I noticed (after he IMed me while I was offline) to complain, that he has reduced the sale price by $60,000 Lindens. So yes, he was asking a preposterous price.

As I’m asking a preposterous price for Pele.

I sent him a notecard to tell him that he wasn’t preposterous, or I, but the prices we were asking. I’m not sure he makes the distinction.

I’ve left the blog entry up, but have disguised his name. If he chooses to be remain angry, so be it. I’m entitled to my opinion.

As outrageous as it might be.

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